Nektarios Kontovrakis

Mythos Landschaft / Landscape Mythos


Einladung / Invitation

Vernissage am 2.11.2017 / 2nd of November 2017
19 Uhr / 7 p.m.

Der Künstler ist am Tag der Vernissage anwesend /
The artist is present on the day of the vernissage

Einleitende Worte / Introduction

Dr. Ing. Hermann J. Kienast,
ehemals Wissenschaftlicher Direktor
am Deutschen Archäologischen Institut Athen /

former Scientific Director of the German
Archeological Institute, Athens

Musik / Music

Lefteris Armyras & Giannis

Schirmherrschaft / Patronage

Panagiota Constantinopoulou
Generalkonsulin der Hellenischen Republik, München

Consul General of the Hellenic Republic, Munich
S.E. Tassos Kriekoukis

Botschafter der Hellenischen Republik a.D., Deutschland /
H.E. Tassos Kriekoukis, Greek Ambassador retd., Germany

Ausstellungsdauer / Exhibition duration

2.11. bis 2.12.2017 / 2nd of Nov. to 2nd of Dec. 2017


Aegina-based artist Nektarios Kontovrakis explores landscapes and relationships in this exhibition with all the verve, skill and authenticity for which he is renowned. The artist’s work focuses on the landscapes, and life of his Greek island home. Scenes from everyday life echo ancient Greek legends; vivid colours reflect Aegean moods. His empathy for three-dimensional form springs from a deep connection with his surroundings. “I paint what I see,” says Nektarios Kontovrakis, and his work gives an emotional perspective through his inner eye onto ordinary scenes. Myth is as much a part of this expressionist’s personality as the light on the sea, the form of a boat or a Mediterranean night sky. His paintings are an invitation to us to join him. Nektarios Kontovrakis (b. 1951) studied under Professor of Athens School of Fine Arts, Nikos Nikolaou and worked in the United Kingdom from 1979-1981, before returning to his birthplace, Aegina where he now lives and works. International private and public purchases. Solo and group exhibitions.


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